Moto x Pure Edition Volume dropping randomly

Hi my mom have Moto X Pure Edition and it was bought on 24th March 2019. it never dropped and no water intact or anything. she usually plays youtube only and suddeny volume drops from high to minimum when the bar is pointing that volume is still full. “Power up” option is also on. What should I do?

You may have bought the phone recently, but this is a rather old phone…so you can’t really rule out hardware failure. As far as I know, this phone is not available to be sold new. So it might be worthwhile to follow up with reseller be it ebay or elsewhere where you bought this phone from…and see if they are willing to replace your phone.

If the phone functioned fine initially and this problem has surfaced suddenly then you can try to debug it a few ways.

a) Clear cache - Clearing the cache sometimes takes care of intermittent sound and display issues.
b) Restart the phone in Safe Mode - This helps rule out that if one of your downloaded apps is interfering with the normal operation of speakers. In Safe Mode all the downloaded apps are disabled so the phone will have limited functionality…but it can be used as a debugging method.
c) Runs the hardware checks from the Moto Help app and see if it finds any issues.

Based on the age of the phone…my initial impression is that it is likely hardware failure and if you have any option to get the phone replaced from the seller as a defective unit…that would likely be the best long term solution to this issue.

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I switched off phone and switched on in safe mode for 10 minutes then back with normal Power on. now its working for me!!
Thanks a million!

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Hi @zainab.hasany,

Please know that Safe Mode isn’t a fix. It simply starts the phone with no third-party apps running.

If the phone works better after having been in Safe Mode, that would suggest that an app you’ve added to the phone was causing the problem. At some point that same app may start causing the same problem again. The real fix will be for you to determine which app is causing the problem so you can remove that app or better understand why it’s trying to manage your volume control.


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