Moto X Pure Edition

Is the MOTO X Pure Edition from Republic a CDMA phone that will work on Sprint towers? I need to upgrade my phone soon. (It’s Dying!) T-Mobile tower coverage in my area is spotty at best and I have been with Republic for 2.5 years on the Sprint towers and love it. Is there a list of phones offered by Republic that are CDMA and will use the Sprint towers.

there no sure fire way to get a CDMA service on Republic 3.0 they are in a soft launch of CDMA where if a current customer purchases a CDMA compatible phone from Republic and their computers determined CDMA will have better coverage for you then you may get a CDMA

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

that said it you do order a Moto X Pure and get is configured for GSM then create a ticket and let Republic know there computer model has issues and they may send you a CDMA version (it take some type of activation to CDMA network that Republic needs to do to the phone, it’s more than just a SIM swap)

The only phones that do not have CDMA radios are the Samsung J3 and S6, the Moto Z and Z Play and the Huawei Ascend. All the rest are dual-modulation capable.

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