Moto X Pure gone?



I’m currently on the Moto G and looking to upgrade my phone. The Moto X Pure is what I’m looking for in terms of price and features, but it is out of stock. This is an older model so I’m wondering if RW is going to restock it, or whether I should try to get another phone. If the phone will be restocked, what is the time table for that? I’d rather get a different phone than wait months for a new one.


The Moto X Pure is no longer produced.

You can still get it in black from 3rd party suppliers, such as B&H, who have some remaining stock:

Sorry, it appears the black is now also sold-out at B&H.


Black is sold out and will not be restock
Just check and the white model is still in stock but once it’s gone it too will not be restocked

edit to add link to white in Republic store


Hi @dmitryk

As suggested the MXP in black is sold out. I put a black case on my white MXP and really like the look…(my X2 was black w/white case, so it’s an inversion). :smiley:

The MXP is qualified as a BYOD device, so if black is your preferred color you could find another seller online and bring it to RW, you would just need to purchase the SIM card for it,



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