Moto x pure hands-free communication issues

I recently upgraded to Moto X Pure and although I’ve set up the voice recognition, it won’t answer my phone while driving, or read my text messages while driving. How do I set up hands-free?

In my first generation Moto x, I set this up through moto assist, but the pure edition doesn’t have this.

Hi @thomasm.4j38c7,

I’m sorry no one responded to you sooner. You were on the right track, but the app is set up a little differently.

On your Moto X Pure, open the Moto app.

Tap the three stars at top right.

Tap “Voice.”

Tap “Talk to me.”

Check the box beside “Driving.”

You can also tap “More options” if you want the phone to recognize which Bluetooth device is your car.

Thank you. I finally found someone to show me that. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work when I get a call or a text while driving. I don’t know what else to do. I can live without it, but I really did love that feature!

Hi @thomasm.4j38c7,

Make sure your “media” volume is not silenced.

Is the phone paired with the car’s Bluetooth?

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