Moto X Pure Has Poor Cell Reception

Moto X Pure

Voice Text and 1 Gig Data

Yes, data included

Issue Description

Open a Republic help request and have a representative check available cellular coverage in your area. It’s possible that they can put you on an underlying cellular carrier that better suits your location.


Need some additional information

  • Did this replace a ‘Legacy Phone’ … Moto X1/2 G1/3 E1/2?
    • If so, is your MXP GSM or CDMA? ( Dial *#*#786#*#* if you get a Sprint DM menu your on CDMA if no response your GSM … or check the SIM, if Republic is grey your CDMA (a two color grey “Re” with a green “public” you’re GSM)
    • Fix would be to change carrier from GSM to CDMA (Sprint) so it would be the same as you previously had. Open a Help Ticket
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