Moto X Pure Incoming Call w/Disconnected call tones


Moto X Pure
My Choice Plan + 1 GB data

I apologize in advance if this issue has already been discussed, but I could not find a similar problem in my search of help. At least once a day, when I am receiving an incoming call, the phone will sound a 1/2 ring tone then will emit a 3 tone sound like land lines do when reaching a disconnected number. This has happened with various incoming numbers so I know it is not specific to a particular caller. This happens when I am at home with strong wifi but only 1 bar of cell coverage. My husband, who has the same type of phone and calling plan, has not had this issue.

Any ideas on what might be happening?



Sorry, I don’t have an answer for this, but wanted to post that I too have this issue intermittently. I don’t really get that many calls so I can’t say that it happens daily.


Hi @jhl,

I’m sorry to see that no one in our Community had any ideas for you.

Please open a ticket so our Help team can assist you. If you can provide some exact call samples when this has happened, that will be very useful to them. If you open the ticket from the Republic app, that will also provide the team with some log files that may be useful, as well.



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