Moto x pure - international use?

i am trying to figure out if i can use my phone internationally. I have a moto x pure edition phone. I read that 3.0 phones can get a new sim card that will enable them…but i can’t figure out if i have a 3.0 phone. Can someone help me understand?

Hi @kathyf.rh7y6m

Yes, you have a 3.0 phone. You can use it with a SIM from any other provider that will accept that model.

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Here is a link to the document that lists all the currently supported devices:


You can NOT use your phone internationally, on cellular, with a Republic SIM. It will be usable on wifi while abroad, as it is in the US (to call the US/Canada, not local numbers).

You can learn more about alternatives for international use here: International Travel with a Republic Phone


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