Moto X Pure KRACK fix


Just a heads-up. I just got a notification on my phone that Motorola/Lenovo has released an update for the Moto X Pure that will bring it up to the October 2017 Google security updates and fix the KRACK exploit. I feared I would be waiting longer for that. FWIW, my Moto X Pure is on CDMA/Sprint.


Hmm. The KRACK vulnerability fix is in the November security patch level.

From :

  • Security patches for the KRACK vulnerabilities are provided under the 2017-11-06 security patch level.


Some manufacturer’s (Samsung is one I know) have rolled the fix into their October releases.


Yep, but the release notes specifically mention a KRACK fix. I verified it with a KRACK-checking app.

Yes, both of those sentences sound weird.


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A buddy just called to say his Moto X (2nd Gen) displays a message telling him he has a KRACK infection and needs to go to Motorola to download a fix. Has this fix already been applied to the legacy models?


It hasn’t, and I’m guessing never will be (on any carrier version). And the message your friend is getting is likely one of those scam pop-ups unless its coming in an actual system update notification.


I got some more info from him. He installed Norton AV on his phone. What he was seeing was a notification from Norton that his phone is vulnerable. I told him it was, but the chance of someone accessing his WiFi data stream at home (he lives in the country) is minimal since the hacker would have to be parked outside his home.


That makes more sense and that phone will likely be vulnerable forever. (I’d bet on it).


we had this conversation about this on legacy phones already