Moto X (Pure) not connecting to computer

As stated in the question, I have a Moto X Pure edition. When I plug it into my computer, it shows as charging, but my computer does not acknowledge that it exists. I have developer Options ON, Debugging ON, and the MTP option checked. System Update is good. I’ve run out of ideas here… Help?

Slide down the notification shade

Tap on “USB for charging”

and then change it to “USB for file transfer (MTP)”

You need to do this every time you connect it to the computer

It always defaults to USB for charging.

I don’t have this option. There is nothing in my notification bar. It doesn’t recognize it’s plugged into a computer. And my computer doesn’t recognize ANYTHING is plugged in.

That sounds like a problem with the computer USB port. Are you able to use it for other functions?

For example connecting a USB flash drive and accessing data on it?

Another thing to double check is if your USB cable is a standard cable or charging-only cable. Some of the cables included with a bluetooth accessory are sometimes charging only cables…that cannot be used for data transfer.

I have tried on multiple ports and on 3 different computers. It’s not the computer. And no, I’m using data transfer cables. Both the original and others. It’s definitely the phone, and I don’t know why it’s not registering/being registered. :confused:

You can try to inspect the USB port to see if there is any debris or bent pins…otherwise you might be looking at hardware failure that might need some form of repair…either from a local repair shop or by contacting Motorola. Did this functionality ever work on your phone?

In the interim, depending on what you are trying to achieve, there might be alternative means to get data in and out of your phone.

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I am having the same issue. I have a G4 Plus running Android 7.0.

I plug in the USB cable (original with the phone) and Windows 7 gives me the AutoPlay option window of what I want to do. I select Open Device to View Files and there no folders. Moto G(4) shows up on under my Computer in the Windows Explorer but no files. It has always done this.

If I swipe down the menu from the top of the screen, there is no option for Charging or MTP. I tap Edit at the very bottom and there is no option there.

I put the phone in developer mode and verified it was in MTP. I changed it to Charging while plugged in and it removed the Moto G(4) from Windows Explorer. I then changed it back to MTP while plugged in, AutoPlay comes up, and I can see both the internal and SD card in Windows Explorer.

I should note that I downloaded the Moto G4 device drivers from Lenovo but I don’t know if this helped fixed the issue.

Just to be clear…are you saying that you had the issue…and now that you have
downloaded these new drivers…you have fixed the issue?

ETA: OK… I have re-read your post a couple of times… and if I am reading it correctly…you are able to see your phone and SD card as drives…but when you open them…there is nothing inside the folders…if that is the case…then your issue is different from the OP.

For your issue, I recommend doing the following steps

Go to

Settings -> Apps -> (three vertical dots) Show System

In your list of Apps

  1. Tap on “External Storage” -> Storage -> Clear Data

  2. Tap on “Media Storage” -> Storage -> Clear Data

Restart your phone and then reconnect to USB

If you try to connect the phone to USB without a restart… it will not display any folders

The beginning of your post sounds exactly like what is happening to me with my MotoX Pure Edition. The phone shows up as connected in Windows Explorer, but the message “This folder is empty” is all that is displayed.

I, too, do not have the menu option on the phone itself to choose which function the USP port is doing, i.e., charge, transfer data, etc. I do not know how to “put the phone in developer mode” to verify the phone is in MTP mode, as you did. Do you know of any source of information I could consult to learn how to connect my X Pure Edition to my computer in a way that will make my photos accessible? I am not a stupid person, and I feel really frustrated that none of the online help I have found matches what is on my phone.

An alternate way to access your photos would be to sync your photos from the phone using the
Google Photos app and then go to

Google Photos website

from your computer to access the photos and download them locally, etc.

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