Moto X Pure Number change after reset


I have a Moto X Pure. The battery was draining within about three to four hours after a full charge. It seemed to be the Google Play Apps causing the most drain. Disabling them mad me lose access to my contacts. I performed a factory reset and now my phone number comes up different from what it is on the receiving phone. Also I can’t call the other cell phones within my service plan. I did download the Republic Wireless App after the reset. Have any ideas?


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Google Play Store and Google Play Services…by themselves might not

be the primary cause of the battery drain.

Some things to look at to debug your battery drain issue if you continue to see it

a) Check your downloaded apps to see if they have any settings for how frequently they update/sync their data, etc

b) In the play store…if you have all the apps set to automatically update…you can change that setting to either only update

on WiFi…or never automatically update apps.

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