Moto X Pure Screen Protector Suggestions?

I saw one post with a suggestion, but I am wondering what people are using for their Pure’s? I have always used the rubbery Zaggs (I think that is what they are called). But, I see everyone now has the tempered glass covers…




This is the one I saw suggested:…

Hi @frankr.pii5yb,

I don’t use a screen protector on my phones. That said, you may be interested in this: Special Offers and Promotions. Quoting in part:

Moto X Pure Edition Accessories Bundle: November 29 to December 30, 2016

$30 for a tempered glass Gadget Guard screen protector and a blue/gray Incipio DualPro case (a 50% savings) when purchased together between November 29 to December 30, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Thanks, I didn’t know about that deal…I’ll look into it.

Can anyone give some details on both of these products? Like/dislike?

Here’s my 5-star Amazon review on the Moto X Pure version of the Sparin:

Wow! This screen protector had the best organized (and packed) set of installation tools and instructions I have seen in any product! I also watched the YouTube video before attempting - great to see the words come to life. My install took at most five minutes and went perfectly - plus, I have a second protector for backup. Screen looks great - no halo or distortion. Excellent all around.

EDIT: 9/22/16 - yesterday, I had my phone on top of a binder as I fumbled for my keys. Phone slid off, turned glass-side down, and hit the garage concrete floor after falling over five feet. The glass looked cracked in several places. Trying to reconcile the loss of a two-month-old phone, I went inside and took a closer look. The Sparin screen protector was cracked, but when I pulled it off, the phone was unscratched. I put #2 protector on this morning and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Sparin for an incredible product that works!!!

Hope this helps,


I don’t use on my X Pure, but my wife buys this brand, I installed it for her, no bubbles at all.

Follow the directions to a T and no problem.

screen protector

I’ve been using this case that has a built in protector and satisfied…Motorola X Pure Water Resistant Full Body Case by SUPCASE I like the case because of port protectors and the added drop protection. If not wanting those features I’d go for one of the glass protectors.

If you use coupon code Super30 you can get 30% off through today and shipping is free. Amazon also sells the case and there are many reviews there.

Here is a long discussion thread about glass screen protectors. Notably most don’t work to the satisfaction of posters with one or two exceptions. So skipping to near the end of the discussion or searching for key phrases such as “no halo” will save you from having to wade through most of the posts.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors | Moto X Style (Pure)

I am using a plastic film type from Mpero. Got a 5-pack at Amazon for a few $, don’t recall the actual price. Looks like there is a special on them now; pay $3.99 shipping and $0.01 for the package of 5. Motorola Moto X Pure Edition Screen Protector Cover, Ultra Clear 5-Pack - MPERO: Cell Phones & Accessories

Have had the first one on my phone for several months now. No noticeable scratching, fairly easy to clean, there are a couple small places where the bumper case that came with the phone has pushed the film away from the screen. They don’t reattach but they haven’t spread at all either. They are in places where there is no display to read and don’t annoy me enough to make me install the second film.

Thanks! how do you like the way the screen protector works? My daughter had one of these (otterbox) on her kindle and I didn’t like how the screen worked with the case on…

Hi @fords.jmk6yx

I praised the Sparin highly in a review on Amazon as well.

Screen protector works great. No issues versus a virgin screen.

Tempered glass is great just make sure the last thing you do before applying it is using the tape included to remove the dust on the screen. One small dust particle will mess it all up.

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