Moto X Pure sim card not detected

Hello, my wife and I switched to Moto X Pure from our previous Moto G about 7 months ago. We have found no problems until today, when my wife’s phone reported “Sim card not detected” and she is now unable to get service anywhere but Wi-Fi. Everything works normally on wifi, but she has no cell service otherwise. A small sim card silhouette with a slash through it appears with her upper right icons.

We have not opened the phone, dropped it in water, or had an unusual day in any way. Anyone had this happen before? I figured I’d ask before opening it and trying to just reinsert it, because I imagine it will eventually do it again for the same reason.

If the contacts on the SIM card were touched by human skin (fingers) when it was being installed, oil or other contaminants from the skin contact could have caused some oxidation, preventing full electrical contact. The first thing to do is to remove the SIM card, carefully (with SIM removal tool), and clean the contacts with alcohol. Preferably, denatured alcohol. Or, you can spray a Q-tip type cotton swab with electrical cleaner and clean the contacts that way. Then, carefully re-insert the SIM, without touching the contacts. Most of the time, that will fix the problem. You mileage may vary. Best of luck.

A few months back we had this issue appear on several of the legacy phones on the 1.0 and 2.0 plans…including phones without a SIM card. The issue was isolated to an update of the Facebook Apps. Deleting Facebook and Facebook apps seemed to cure the issue. The issue was also accompanied by freezing/slow operation of the phone and in some cases

unstable behavior including repeated boot cycle.

We haven’t heard any such issues on the 3.0 phones.

Please let us know if your issue has been resolved.

Did you solve this problem? My Moto Pure is doing the same thing that you describe. It actually started a few months ago, but I would shut the phone off and restart it, and the issue would temporarily go away. But it does happen now and again, and it’s annoying, especially because I can’t use my phone again until the phone has been “activated” on RW and, for that, I need to have access to wifi. If I’m out on the road, this can be difficult.

The first few times it happened I did open the sim and reinserted it, but now I shut off the phone and restart.

The Facebook apps mention below is interesting, since those same apps created massive texting issues for me in the past. Maybe I’ll delete them again just for fun :slight_smile:

I wound up cleaning the sim contacts with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip, and it has been fine ever since. Must have been the issue from the first reply.

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After querying rw, I held down the power for nine seconds restarting the phone (x pure) … fine since

THANK YOU! I will try it!

About 3 weeks ago my Moto Pure began losing detection of the SIM card again. Again I deleted Facebook apps as I did last year, did the nine second restart, etc. And it is still having issues. After I deleted Facebook apps, the errors happened less frequently, but it is still happening nonetheless, which is hugely problematic when I’m not near a WiFi network to shut down and restart the phone, which nearly always fixes the problem, if only temporarily (until phone all of a sudden stops detecting SIM card again).

I have removed and cleaned the SIM card, as well, which did nothing to improve this issue. I’m struggling to get a good answer to the problem. Anyone got an answer?

I still have this happen from time to time, but I have never had FB on my phone. I always just reboot the phone. Even though this is super annoying, it’s better than taking out the sim card since I have no idea where the little tool is at this point anyway. It happens rarely enough that I have not smashed it yet. :wink:

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