Moto X Pure speakerphone echo


What phone do you have? Moto X Pure
What plan are you on? 6 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

My speakerphone never worked on this phone. I’ve just not used it much. Oddly, it seems to work when I connect to a car for mobile service. But using just the phone, the other person hears their own voice echo back to them very loudly. I would like to fix this. What do I do?


there is a device help app on the Phone, :motohelp:
in there there are hardware test to see if it a hardware issue
Their also a way to contact Motorola Support in the app


Outside of what @drm186 has expressed, you might also keep in mind that the microphone is not very far from the speaker. Sometimes, if the speaker volume is too high, the microphone can pick up the sound from the speaker and echo it. This is something to keep in mind, though, it seems you may have other technical issues with your phone.


I’ll add another theory. Many times I’ve seen this caused by a case and the way it has cutouts for the noise and echo canceling mics. An easy thing to try is to remove the case and see if the echo continues.


Try suggestion if you have a case covering the back. Possible this may also occur if phone is lying on the back during calls?

My X Pure would usually bark loudly back at callers if the speakerphone is enabled during a call with my case installed. I have no issues if using a BT speaker to listen and speak into. Being on WiFi or cell call make no difference for me.


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I took the case off, and the speakerphone works properly.
Good grief. Never would have suspected the case.


You’re not the first to be impacted by this. It usually occurs because the case doesn’t have the right shaped or positioned cutouts for the noise canceling mics. I’ve had the issue with a number of eBay or Amazon no brand cases that I’ve purchased but far fewer issues from big case brands like Spiegen or Case Logic.

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