Moto-x pure top icons now black instead of white

What phone do you have?

Moto-X Pure

What plan are you on?

“My Choice + 3 GB”

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Includes data

Issue Description

Exactly as noted in the subject line - and now I cannot see those top of screen icons against the normal dark background…I can see them on white backgrounds (duh). Why did this suddenly change with no input from me? Why not continue to display top of screen icons as white on dark backgrounds and dark on light backgrounds. These icons are meant to provide me with important information - when I cannot see them, this is a failure.

I already tried a shut-down and re-start.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hello @michaelb.f48qo0
Welcome to the community!

Are you by chance using a launcher like Nova?
(I’m wondering if an app is causing this.) :thinking:

Please try starting up the phone in safe mode and see if you still have the issue.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

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To my knowledge, I am not using any ‘launcher’ and certainly not anything named ‘Nova’.

This behavior just started this morning and I have not installed any apps lately.

Everything seems to be working ‘as normal’ on the phone, except the color of the top-of-screen icons.

I am unaware of the ‘safe mode’ or how to access it.

Thank you for thinking about this issue and offering ideas for resolution.

You’re most welcome, that’s why the Community is here :slight_smile:

This should help you getting into safe mode:

I’m puzzled as to what’s causing your issue, but let’s see what being in safe mode tells us.
Other Community Member will pop in and offer help as well so hang in there… we’ll figure this out :wink:

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Thanks for the Safe Mode instructions.

In Safe Mode, it still shows the screen top icons in black. However, in regular mode & in Safe Mode, these icons show-up as white initially, then after several seconds they change to black.

‘Normal’ function is to change the color of these icons dependent on the darkness (or lightness) of the color of the background, of course, but noting this simple fact is not leading me to any ideas for resolution.

I suppose I should explore any (potentially) available ‘display’ settings. I’ll try that while I wait for more knowledgeable folks to offer ideas.

Thanks in advance !

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I have the same problem as well. This came up right after the most recent update from Republic. Has to be something on their end. It is Moto G4 and I don’t have the launcher they are talking about to my knowledge.

Hi @stewartl.28p6dc and @michaelb.f48qo0,

Our app is not responsible for the color of the icons in the status tray. It appears to be due to an update to the Google app.

We have seen an example in troubleshooting this experience in Help Tickets where uninstalling the update and re-installing it has restored the white color to the icons. I would suggest rebooting the phone between the uninstall and the re-install. Instructions are here:

Please let us know if that fixes the icon color for you, as well.


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