Moto X Pure - unlocked?

I’ve had my new Moto X Pure for half a year and the new underlying carrier just isn’t sufficient in Iowa. I may need to use a different carrier - although I do not want to.

Does anyone know if the phone is unlocked? Can I take it to a major carrier?

Thank you

Hi @amyw.vpjs1n

Yes, your MXP is unlocked and you can use it on another carrier if you decide to.

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As you have had the Moto X Pure for some time you may want to consider that it might be usable on Republic’s Sprint network … (sometime in the future ?)Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update


You may be able to use it here soon, at RW back on the Sprint CDMA network. If/when 3.0 CDMA is ready to offer to all customers.

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