Moto X Pure - unusual behavior

I have a less than a year old Moto X Pure (fast approaching that one year warranty deadline!)

Over the past 10 days I have had this happen twice

  1. Phone screen abruptly went blank. The first time it happened, I thought the battery had run out as I was using it for a bunch of photos and videos…so I connected it to a charger…but no response…even to a long press of power button…then later on after a little while the phone woke up on its own with 25% battery life… it wasn’t on the charger for that long…and when I looked at the battery discharge profile, it showed that the battery on-off event happened with 20% battery left.

  2. Today, again the phone screen abruptly went blank. I had just sent out a couple of messages and after a few minutes I picked up the phone to check if there were any responses…but the screen was completely blank. No response to long presses of power button. So I put it on the charger… I knew this time that it had close to 50% charge…but no response.

Long press (while connected) to charger also did not yield any results. Wondering, what else I could try… I disconnected

it from the charger…and then it suddenly started powering up. Interesting thing was that the phone did not show a start/stop

event in the battery life.

I can’t think of any commonality between what I was doing with the phone the two times…It is a scary thought to have a normally working phone suddenly freeze up on you with a dark screen without any warning.

I’m wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar with their Moto X Pure.

You may want to check out theTroubleshooting Guide by Motorola, this provides links to the available guides from the manufacturer and a quick check of the Power section for the MXP shows 7 steps that will lead you through the various processes … such as re-boot, clear cache etc.

How is your battery life after a full charge?

I have seen li ion batteries whose capacity drops off sharply after a period of heavy use.

I tried the guide, although I am familiar with all these steps…it was still worthwhile to go through them step by step.

Restart does kick it out of this mode…but the ability to restart is not predictable.

Interestingly, going in and out of Safe Mode had an adverse effect on my Republic Anywhere App as documented here

Safe Mode killed Anywhere.

Also, the guide is somewhat ambiguous as to the description of Safe Mode. Initially it states that all 3rd party apps are disabled at start of Safe Mode…but then later on it says that you can turn on apps one by one. Apparently it is referring to built-in apps over here but if you read it, it is somewhat ambiguous. It will be interesting if Android could implement a “semi” Safe Mode that doesn’t start any 3rd party apps at start-up but allows us to start them one by one for debugging purposes.

I do clear cache periodically…can’t remember the most recent time…but will definitely try that.

FDR is always the last resort…but not there yet.

Again, as I noted in my initial comments…when it goes into this “playing dead” mode…seems like it becomes completely unresponsive to the power button. Putting it on the charger has an effect but not instantaneous. In my second instance, connecting and removing the charger a few times kicked it out of the mode…in addition to a long press of the Power button while it was on the charger. Since I have no deterministic steps to get it into that mode…will wait for the next occurrence to see if I can better characterize it.

Battery life ranges around day and a half on most days…extends up to two days with the lightest usage.

Battery discharge profile is fairly uniform… haven’t seen any anomalies over there, but thanks for the suggestion.

The two events occurred at 20% and 50% battery life…so, at least for now there is no correlation to state of charge.


Last month I had a TI n-Spire with a Li ion battery that started caving once the battery hit 50% or under (random levels). Replacing the battery fixed the problem. If you can duplicate the problem (even at random levels) I would tend not to rule out a battery issue.

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