Moto X Pure updated to Nougat, now Android messages not working right

I updated to Nougat. Since the update completed days ago, my Android message app has been malfunctioning. At times I will type a text, click send and it will never appear in the conversation or be received by the intended recipient. Other times, it just lags behind terribly. For example, I will send a couple messages in quick succession, and I will have to wait approx. 30 seconds before either message is actually sent.

Anyone else having this issue and know how to fix it? Or not having this issue, but know how to fix it anyway? Your help is much appreciated.

To help troubleshoot the problem please put the Anywhere app on the phone and see if it works OK with that.

You can also put the companion Anywhere app on your PC.

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Ok, I have installed Anywhere. I’ll test it out for a bit and report back.

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Great. Put it on your PC too. You will love it.

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