Moto X Pure will no longer connect to Starbucks wifi-no authentication page comes up

About a week ago, my Moto Pure X stopped working at Starbucks wifi. Starbucks comes up as “saved” when wifi is on, but after tapping Starbucks from the “saved” wifi list, I get a message “connected no internet.” The Starbucks authentication page does NOT come up at all. Phone connects fine to home wifi and other public wifi, i.e. banks, groceries with wifi, etc. What I’ve tried so far that has NOT helped: power down/power up phone; airplane mode lue on/off/on again; ask wifi settings to “forget” Starbucks from the “saved wifi” list, then try to connect again. Bluetooth is NOT on when this happens.

Hi @gwennh,

You might try typing into a Google Chrome or other browser window to see if that forces the authentication page to load.

When I had this issue…I isolated it down to a scenario where I was within range of multiple open WiFi networks each requiring additional verification and at least two of them were saved on my phone.

Try to find if you have additional open WiFi networks that are also saved on your phone and “Forget” them. If Starbucks

is the only network then tapping on the network name should bring up a window like this. Tapping on Connect should get you to the additional verification window.

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