Moto X Pure with Linksys Router and DD-WRT

My phone keeps showing the open Republic arc in the notifications and says calls & messages over cell, WIFI data. I have a very strong wifi signal and a 30 mbps cable connection (tests show as high as 37 mbps). I ran tests which showed about 20 ms ping and no lost packets. Both of my daughters are on Republic 2.0 and have not dropped signal at all. I just started with a Republic 3.0 plan. My current setup is a Linksys 1900 acs router with DD-WRT firmware. I have tried setting my phone to use both 2.4 and 5 mhz individual as well as the auto setting. I tried using the legacy DHCP client from lollipop instead of the new Android one. None of these solutions has worked. When I reset the wifi by turning on and off the airplane mode the phone goes to wifi for talk, text and data. I searched the message boards and could not find another solution. Any suggestions?

Is this the problem you are experiencing?

Is your phone losing its WiFi connection while sleeping?

If it is, there is a work-around mentioned later in the thread along with a note from RW that they will fix the problem with a change to the Republic app at some future date.

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