Moto X Pure XT1575 Battery Replacement Advice

Anyone have a best supplier for the OEM FX30 replacement?
Like other users, my XT1575 battery has rapid / abnormal discharge & shutoff problems. I’ve tried the full discharge / recharge cycling, and the full factory reset. This weekend I tried replacing the battery with a Euhan 2300mAh FX30 that was suppose to match. I could not get that battery’s connector to seat properly and charge. I put the original back in, and the connector seated easily.
I’m ready to try another FX30 source. Thanks for suggestions.

Hi @pooratlas,

I’m sorry to see no one has any recommendations for you! I’ve seen several members here discussing the replacement of batteries for the X1 and X2, but I think yours may be the first conversation I’ve seen about replacing the battery in the X Pure.

Perhaps you might try casting a wider note by asking on a more general Android forum, since there are X Pure’s being used by people who don’t have Republic Wireless as their service provider. :scream_cat:

I hope you’ll let us know what you learn and how the replacement turns out!


Considering the recent pricing promos on the X4… you may want to consider that route than spend more time and money on an uncertain battery replacement on the MXP. I did that switch beginning of the year and have been very happy with the X4 as a worthy replacement.

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Motorola has a partnership with iFixit. I would imagine iFixit would be a reliable source for the OEM battery:

I don’t have any experience with this. I just send my phones back to Motorola repair when they are broken and I need a replacement.


I purchased the battery and installation kit for the Moto x pure. The battery replacement instructions are on their website. This was my first time inside a smartphone. Everything went well. It took a little over an hour. The tool kit is complete and a very good quality. My phone is working just like new now. I’m very happy with iFixit.


Hi @charlese.7a2gmv,

Congratulations on a successful battery swap! I love these D-I-Y success stories! Does your Moto X Pure with its new lease on life need a new case to keep it safe? The Community Treasure Chest just happens to have the Incipio Dual Pro for the Moto X Pure available in black or blue. I’d be glad to send you either to thank you for sharing your experience replacing your battery.

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I would love a black one. The one I have is giving up.
RW is the best. Excellent service, superior support and great pricing. Thank you.

I took mine to a shop they charged me 60 dollars to install a new battery in my pure but the damaged the battery to board power ribbon.The replaced it no charge it lasts much longer on a charge.It however still has the annoying issue of notification sounds working when they want to.

Sunday, I installed the FX30 battery from IFIXIT. All is well with my MotoX XT1575.
The IFIXIT replacement battery is curved like to original, and the connector fit right.
NOTE: The 3T torx bit is in the alcohol wipe ziplock, and not in the tray of tools & bits.
Thanks, everyone.


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