Moto X to G4, X4, Z?

Have finally decided to stop using my Moto X 1st gen w cracked screen. The G4 seemed like it would be a great low budget upgrade. My 2 concerns: One is buying an older certified refurbished phone that the battery life holding a charge and energy drain will be just as bad as my current Moto X that seems like I am always charging when not in use. The second is staying at 2 MB of RAM and having problems with multiple functions at one time and not enough storage for apps and data stored in apps.
I am also looking at the Moto X for simplicity of staying with the same branding and quirky features I enjoy using, or perhaps the Z2play. I know these are pricier options, but may pack a more powerful punch.
I was truly seeking a G4Play when I initially started just to keep the phone size and weight close to what I have now, but geting one with any certainty that it will be excellent seems minimal. I am also not a techie at all. Buying a phone directly from RW seems the best bet for me.
Would love any advice from you phone buffs out here. Thanks a million!

Hi @tiger12,

I’m a little surprised to see no one has chimed in with any response, but you may have overwhelmed them with all the options!

i would ask you to please keep in mind that the Certified Pre-owned phones do not include a manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Community has put together a comprehensive comparison of the phones we support, perhaps you’ll find that useful as you consider the features that are most important to you:

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Thanks, Southpaw

I am finding the table @billg put together is quite helpful. Many Kudos, as @billg has helped me in the past!

I think my question was too broad and general. I have been doing more research, and thinking about what is important to me. Next is to think about the quirky features that I enjoy having, that other phones may or may not have. Then I can ask a more specific question. Better to start over with a new question at that point to grab attention or just stay here?

I am in no way a techie type person. It seems like it would be easiest to buy a phone that uses CDMA and GSM from RW… However, it doesn’t seem that I need to be a wizard if I did choose a phone that suits me that RW does not sell. Hardest part seems like would be buying the phone and making sure it works and is definitely compatible

My zip code seems to have decent coverage w both CDMA and GSM. I noticed that some phones function on many channels and others on only a few (bandwiths perhaps? not sure I am using the right word-- individual listings under CDMA and GSM). Does this mean that I might have a problem with cell phone or wifi service the fewer number of “channels” that are listed?

I don’t think there’s any reason for you to start a new topic. We can modify the title to reflect the new focus.

I’m going to defer to @billg, @louisdi and @rolandh (and maybe even @cbwahlstrom, if he’s inclined to chime in) on the question about the cellular bands each phone supports. It’s not anything I’ve ever given any thought when selecting a phone, but if you provide your Zip code, these gentlemen will know whether it’s something that should be on your mind.

Cool. 18062 zip code.

Old Moto X is sluggish. Have to charge when not in use. Phone gets hot charging, running certain apps, and doesn’t multitask well at all. Screen is cracked. Running out of storage space. Can probably transfer pics and clean up things like messenger, WeChat (overseas), and Fitbit, but would rather not have to think about it most of the time.

For this reason, think I want a phone with 4G, 64 plus micro SD card. I do like the light weight and would love to keep that if possible. Need durability too. I’m the type to get a case. Tendency to be a klutz, drop my phone. My hands are small too.

  1. Sticking with Moto X line, X4, to avoid many changes and keep features I am used to, but it is heavy and also packed with bloated apps-- almost too much stuff that gets confusing and just takes up time updating stuff I don’t want but can’t shut down in fear of the message of harming other phone function (don’t know how real this is, figure can’t delete apps already comes with installed- true or false?).

  2. Moto Z2 Play. Very light. Not as durable but can keep a moto mod and/or case on it. Seems to meet my needs. I like that keeps Moto actions including voice, also cast and rotate screen options, use all the time. Bigger than I like, but nice AMOLED screen I think I will get used to. How does one carry around these big phones?

  3. Moto G5 Plus lighter than X4, bigger screen but not all that bigger phone. Smaller than Z2 Play. Seems like a compromise between the two for me. What do you think?

  4. Then there is the option to switch over to something like Samsung Galaxy S8. Guess I could probably find it and try it at a store. Not sure how difficult to get used to after having Moto X for so long.

In general–

Not sure how important OS is or Quadcore snapdragon number.

These are my current thoughts…

Would appreciate any thoughts, opinions, other things to keep in mind, etc…

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Tig 12

I’m looking at updating one of the phones in our family and am leaning toward picking up a Google Pixel G-2PW4100 128GB phone from B&H photo. Sure, it’s 2016 vintage phone, but it’s still sold brand new with warranty. If money were no object I would probably pick up a Samsung S9 or Pixel 2 (or Pixel 3 when it comes out). Then again, the Pixel 2 doesn’t have a headphone jack.

I’m not all that positive on Motorola’s lineup and software support anymore. It seems to me they have modeled their business to try to sell everyone a new phone every year. Don’t get me wrong, value and hardware support are still very good with Motorola. I may simply be spoiled from monthly Google updates.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

If you want the latest and greatest, are planning on keeping the phone for a while, and are going to be using the GSM carrier, you might look for a high-end phone that supports 600MHz LTE band 71. That’s T-Mobiles newest supported extended range LTE band.

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Hello @tiger12

In My option I would skip the Moto G4 at this point as Motorola is nearing end of life support on OS updates on (if they have not already passed this mark Motorola lately has not had a great track record of updates and Mid-line phones like the Moto G line are usually 1-2 years,
the Moto G5+ ,Moto G5S+ and the Moto X4 are all very similar phones heck you can most likely put the Moto G6 and G6 Play in this group. the Main thing that the Moto X4 bring that the rest of these do not is NFC (which is used for Google Pay (renamed Android pay )

the Moto Z2 Play is my current phone which I picked up on sale for $350 a few months ago (Mid February) (which is the most I currently willing to spend on a phone) (you can read my review of the phone here Moto Z2 Play Review)
I very happy with my Z2 Play but I would have been happy with any of the 5th Gen Moto Gs or the Moto X4

I would not worry too much about which Snapdragon the phone has as there will always be a newer one with better numbers (that the average person will not even see the difference when using the phone. as for OS updates I would point out that for security reason one should want the latest updates (my Moto Z2 Play just for 8.0 and the security updates are still back in April)

depending on how one uses a phone I would recommend getting at least 32 GB of on board storage if not 64 GB (the base OS has gotten bloated to the point where 12 GB of ROM space is not unheard of (Moto X4 is only 32 GB and less than 20 GB are usable)

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For the purposes of use with Republic’s cellular partners all of the phones support the same selection of LTE bands which for both partners is all they use except the new B71 on T-Mobile. Of the currently available phones with Republic only the S9 and Moto Z3 Play support B71. (thanks to @cbwahlstrom for the correction below).


The Moto Z3 play also supports band 71.


Have been on computer in general and RW site for quite a while. I am so fried right now that I put my wrong email address into an RW ask an expert while in the app on my phone-- sorry guys! especially apologize to @carlh who was answering my question. I’m currently on my PC

Please forgive my very slow, foggy brain.

I am assuming that the Moto X1 that I am currently using with Sprint is on CDMA. Did I get that right?
Also it seems like if I choose BYOP option, do I buy a GSM or CDMA SIM card based on the carrier I choose to use, or do all phones start out on GSM and i buy a GSM SIM card? I need to look at the providers on CDMA vs GSM.

I think I need to go to current information instead of reading old posts. I forgot that place exists. I did not think my computer literacy was this poor. The site has changed so much since I was here a long time ago and I am still adjusting. I hate to be a bother when my brain is not cooperating. Unfortunately, it does this quite a bit.

Clam down and take a breath we can work though this
1st yes your current Moto X 1st is on CDMA [Sprint]
2nd all BYOD SIMs are GSM, though after activation on GSM and one finds the coverage not as good as CDMA one can request a CDMA SIM card by opening a ticket and providing a green address where the phone is used.

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