Moto X to Moto Z Play

Exiting phone: Moto X, android ver. 5.1
New phone: Moto Z Play

Question: Is it possible to transfer all essential data (contacts, downloads, pics, text strings) to the new phone by copying certain files from one sim card to the other via using a USB hook up to a PC?
The Moto Z Play has a blank SIM card I bought from Republic. What files would I need to copy over if it is possible?
I haven’t used the cloud ever. Please steer me in the right direction.
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Jim, Here’s a good place to start learning about this: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

Note the SIM card contains and/or holds NO user data. Perhaps you are thinking of a SD Memory Card?

Thank you partner. I will read that.


Thank you,

I thought I would transfer the user data via USB from the SSD in my Moto X to the SSD in the Moto Z Play. Do you know if any SIM data is displayed when I view my phone files on my PC?

Or is it just the SSD data that I see?

If I cut and past data from the Moto X to the Moto Z will it function on the Moto Z?

Some maybe, some not?

I’m just full of question about this.

I have a link to and article about “How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, text messages and other info to your new phone.” I will read that now.

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Problem is I’m don’t log into google accounts and I don’t sync to google and I don’t upload to the cloud.

That’s going to make things very difficult. These are Google Phones. They’re meant to be used with Google accounts. It’s a bit like trying to drive a Chevy after removing all the GM parts.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to bow out now on trying to assist with the transition.

As a side note you’ll have no choice but use a Google Account to get the Republic App to activate the new phone. And without a Google account your phone is quite insecure as you get no updates to the apps on the phone leaving you with every known vulnerability and bug out there.

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This is pretty much a requirement in order to use such a device as intended and for any practical functionality.

Google is Android same as Apple is iPhone.

If you want, neither, your options are very limited, to things like “dumb” flip phones etc.

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