Moto x to Pixel 3


I am a Republic Wireless member and have an old Moto X phone with a grandfathered base + 0. 5GB data plan. I just bought a new unlocked Pixel 3 that is compatible with Republic Wireless. I tried to use the SIM card from my Moto x in the Pixel 3 thinking that it would work but it did not. How down get my new Pixel 3 phone working on Republic Wireless with my exiting phone number from my Moto x.


you will need a BYOD SIM card Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless
activate it in the new phone as a line replacement Activate | Republic Wireless

this is also covered in the 2nd case in the link below

edit to add that the SIM in the old Moto X is link to that Phone and needs to stay with the phone if it is sold or passed on to a friend or family member


Ok. That makes sense. I just ordered the SIM card. I will run through this process when it arrives.


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