Moto X unable to configure Google Assistant

What phone do you have? Moto X Pure (XT1575)

What plan are you on? choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data,talk & text

Issue Description

I cannot set up Google assistant to respond to voice-only requests.
Phone is on wifi
have restarted phone
Android v 7
Google Assistant is installed, works if I longpress home button.
In my google account on the web, on my laptop, Moto phone is listed in Settings, Account, My Devices, can make the phone ring.
On my phone, when I try to set up Google Assistant, I get to Voice Match and it does not find any devices. Err Msg = No Device Found (this appears to be google home looking for stuff to control)
I can launch Google Assistant manually, go to Voice Match setup (teach assistant recognize voice ), it just spins a waiting icon.

Maine is implementig a hands-free law, and I need to be able to use my phone in the car.

Hi @marybethd.ncedmi,

See if the Moto app is using Moto Voice. If so, I believe you have to disable that to set up the Google Assistant Voice feature.

Launch the Moto app
Tap the stars at top right
Tap Voice
Make sure Moto Voice is unchecked.


Thanks, I did test Moto Voice, GoogAsst won’t run if it’s on. Oddly, on my Moto, the only way to close Moto Voice is to uncheck the user agreement.

Hi @marybethd.ncedmi,

Did turning off Moto Voice getting it working?

Turning off Moto Voice did not resolve the problem. I had to factory reset my phone,now Google Voice works.


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