Moto X wont boot past blue Motorola logo


I have a Moto X of some kind, it got stuck in a reboot loop, so I decided to try to reset it to factory settings. It changed the startup logo, it went from the planet animations, to just a blue circular Motorola logo, and it wont continue past it. My computer doesn’t know what the device is when I try to plug it in via USB. Battery still holds a charge. Is there any way I can save this thing? I wish I could just reinstall a fresh android OS, and I thought thats what factory settings would do…


Sounds like you’ve experienced a hardware failure. Unfortunately, this type of bootloop, that survives a factory reset, means the end of the phone.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Hi @ashikitty

Is what you tried a External Factory Reset?
It sounds like it was. But, just in case I’ll throw these instructions out for you. Might give it one more try :wink:
Otherwise, @louisdi is correct and it looks like a hardware failure.
How to Perform an External Factory Reset for a Moto E1, G1, X1, and X2



@ashikitty Are you still looking for assistance with this issue?


No, I think the phone is probably dead like you guys said. Thank you for your help!