Moto X won't read texts while driving!



I have a Moto X Pure. It used to read me my texts but now it doesn’t. When I open the app Moto Maker, click on settings, and then ->Voice I listen and Respond->Talk to me, it returns me back to the “See what I can do” page. It totally ignores me. It spins me around in a circle back to where I started from.

Moto X Pure won't read my texts or answer calls when I'm driving

I don’t personally use this feature. I’m sure someone from the community will be able to steer you in the right direction. But, you might want to also go to the Motorola X Pure support forum and post the same question there, in case you don’t get a timely reply here.

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**Hey, **

Every time I try to set my Moto X Pure to answer calls and texts when I’m driving it returns me to the same page, “See what I can do.”


Please elaborate a bit. Is this a new phone that hasn’t been setup? Is this something the phone used to do, but stopped doing recently? The more information you provide, the better able people are to help you with this issue. I don’t think we have any clairvoyants in the group, although @bocephus is pretty darn good. :wink: Also, have you done a power on/off cycle to try and restore the feature, if was previously enabled?

Try this

Or, try a reset of Moto Assist


Hi @jefferyb,

I merged your two different threads into one, so we aren’t asking the same questions over and over in two conversations.

Could you open the Settings app, then tap “Apps” and “Moto” and tell us what version you have? Mine (also on an X Pure) recently updated to 5.0.09, and I’m not seeing the kind of behavior you’re describing.


It says version 4.0.21


If you open the Google Play Store app and navigate to “My Apps and Games” is the option to update it available?


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