Moto x xt1575 (pure)


and while im here…
will my moto x pure ever get 7.1? (wont even broach oreo)
i’m sure the answer is no but…lol
thnx in advance for replies


So far from what I’ve read Android 7 was the last update for Moto Pure.


Republic does not develop or push out OS updates in the 3.0 phones as they are the unlock variants and will get updates when the OEM pushes them out (independently from the carrier)

that said Motorola usually only pushed out 2 major OS updates (letter changes) for it’s flagship line (started on Lollipop --> Marshmallow --> Nougat) I would not expect another update.


No. Moto has dropped support for their older models. As does most OEM brands.
They released a list of phones that would receive 8.0 sometime last year.
The Moto X Pure/Style was released in 2015.
There is an official 7.1.1 update for it, however, it was never released for the USA model.

Unless u have a Google Nexus or Pixel phone, do not expect OS version updates at all beyond 1 to 1.5yrs if u are lucky. Even then, they will be far behind current release. Samsung is a tad better in updating the OS on their older phones.

Only way to get newer OS on most older devices is via custom rom flash. I have CrDroid 7.1.2 rom on my old Pure. There is one apha build of Oreo for the phone, but many things don’t work. Development of that device appears to be dead as devs have moved on to newer devices.

Custom ROM’s are not supported nor are compatable with R.W app or service.