Moto X1 + No SIM Card Error fixed

My wife’s Moto X1 started the “No SIM Card” error on Sunday morning. The phone wouldn’t even allow the screen to slide unlock. Fortunately, I recalled the Facebook app warnings I’ve seen here.

After multiple reboots did nothing to clear it up, I rebooted into safe mode (while booted, hold power button then hold the “Power Off” popup for a few seconds). Safe mode had no SIM issues, so knew it must have be software related.

Uninstalled the (nefarious) Facebook app then rebooted back into normal mode; no SIM errors.

As a side note, could not then reinstall Facebook from Google Play; it would download to 100% but wouldn’t try to install. Had to completely wipe the Google Play app data, then Facebook installed fine. Even after multiple reboots, her phone is still running fine w/ no SIM issues.

For good measure, wiped all app’s cache and then wiped the phone’s cache from the recovery menu.

Anyway, thanks to community for posting threads about this in the past!

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