Moto X1 Refund Plan Option


One of my Moto X1 phones that I have had since they first came out with Republic, is on the $25 3G plan and I would like to switch it to the $25 refund plan. When I go into the Republic app, the refund plan is not one of the options available. What do i have to do to get this phone switched to the refund plan?


Hi @motoyoyo

Your phone is on the 1.0 plan. You need to make the transition to 2.0 Republic Refund. Here is a link to the instructions:

Once you get there, click on * [Transition to Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund]


Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll post back if I have a problem implementing this. Otherwise, thanks for your help.


Ok, I checked my main phone (subscriber) as well as my son’s phone that I am trying to change to the refund plan. On either phone I do not have the options shown on the tutorial. It would appear that I already am on the 2.0 plans on both phones, but still have no option to change to the refund plan on my son’s phone. There is no “we have new plans” option shown.


If you open the Republic Wireless app on each phone, look for the tab titled “Your phone info” On that tab, you should see a plan description below the number on that phone.

Do you see “Base plan” or something else?


Change of plans. Since my adult kids protest wildy any time I need to update their phones or attempt to change their plans, I have decided to just cancel their service and let them take care of their own phones. I don’t know about other members that have family members with Republic, but all I hear is complaints from them about the phones and service. I myself could not be happier with Republic and will stay here with myself and my wife. My kids will be off to the reality of finding and paying for their own phones from now on and maybe in a decade or so, end up back with a reasonable situation like Republic in the end.

My new question is…Can my son retain his existing phone number if I cancel his Republic service and he opens up his own account with Republic? Is there a way for this to be done before I cancel his service?


When you cancel an active line of service, that number will be lost. It may or may not be able to be recovered.

There is no self-serve way to move an active number between accounts but it can be done with the assistance on RW support. You would need a support ticket to help get that done. You can open one at the following link:


Ok, sounds good. Thanks for your help jonny5.


The recommended process actually involves canceling the line. There will be no issue getting the number back as long as the steps here are followed: How to Move Your Number from One Account to Another – Republic Help


louisdi, that recommendation looks like it might work, except for the fact that both phones are now active on my account and the other new account has not been opened yet. Unless the new account can be opened without an active phone, then this may not work.


The other account is opened by:

  1. Cancelling the line you want to move
  2. Reactivating that phone on a new account, with a new Republic issued number


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