Moto x2 battery draining while charging

Second time this has happened. Started suddenly (and ironically since submitting a trouble ticket for a texting issue) wont hold a charge, charges very very very slowly and once turned on and charging, it actually drains the battery without using it, just sitting there. Using an official and proper charger for the moto x 2nd gen

it’s possible the cable is damage and not much power is getting to the phone (not enough to push pass the draw rate at idle) so first I try a different cable

it also possible something in the phone is drawing more power than it should or the battery is failing and not takeing or holding a charge,6720,9197/#/how_do_i

I have, just did it again this morning. Sigh

sound like a it could be a miss behaving app have you try running in safe mode for a few days and see it cure the issue (could also be a hardware failure)

every phone i have had with this company I paid $$ for an they are always crap lol

This one even has permanent screen discoloration but I keep my brightness down…the volume got stuck yesterday on full blast even though it was all the way down #ohthejoys #needbetterluck #cantspendhundreds #forshittyphones

pricelessme_ct wrote:

every phone i have had with this company

Have you checked in phone settings to see what may be using battery?

Good news is if you have hardware problem and need a new phone they are now unlocked versions.

the real good news is if he’s been unhappy with the Moto Phones he would now have options like Nexus/Pixel or Samsung approved phone (all North American Regional factory unlock models)

Absolutely, RW doesnt want users to have 3rd party apps and you cant delete ones they install…keep my closed or uninstall updates etc on those I dont use…FB I use the web for etc. Bare minimum as RW has yet to actually look into and really resolve any/all issues I have ever had since 2013 when I first joined, they only say FACTORY RESET instead of doing real work…like other companies

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