Moto X2 not working on LTE?

I have a Moto X2 phone here and they just upgraded the Sprint (Swiftel) towers here in South Dakota to LTE (about time). I am completely unable to use data unless I use a program such as LTE OnOff to switch to CDMA mode manually - thus disabling the LTE radio. If I leave LTE on, it just shows an exclamation mark next to the cell signal indicator and data doesn’t work. I have reset my profile, reset my Sprint settings, updated the PRL, reset my Republic credentials… you name it. It still refuses to get a working data connection on LTE. I even did a complete factory reset on the phone - no dice. Any idea why this might be?

When Sprint updated the towers in Fargo it took them months to get their spaghetti together. It was so bad it even made the local news. Your only option at this point is opening a service ticket and asking RW to interrogate the tower that serves your phone. If you tell them what you have tried so far they will probably suggest an MSL reset. Be sure to ask about that.

If the tower is upgescrewed they will open a ticket with Sprint. Do you have a friend with Sprint service to compare your phone with or a local Sprint store you can call or visit?

Yep - I have a friend with standard Sprint service and their LTE is working great. It is almost as if they haven’t provisioned our Republic phones…

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