Moto X2 unresponsive after transient event during charge cable attachment. Any ideas?

What phone do you have? Moto X2

What plan are you on? Refund plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, talk and text

When plugging my Moto X2 into its charger a transient flash occurred on the display that contained text but lasted probably less than 0.2 second. I was unable to read the text. The flash was multi-colored. The text was larger than typical error message text and did not appear to be formatted like an error message.

After this event the unit has been completely unresponsive, e.g.:

  • No response from the power button or any combination of buttons, e.g., the button sequences to enter safe mode or clear cache.
  • No response to attaching the unit to the charger involved in the event or any other charger
  • No response to reseating the sim
  • Attaching the unit via a USB hub to a Win10 laptop produces an acknowledgment beep from the laptop but no display of the X2 as storage in File Explorer. A USB Input Device is added to Devices and Printers but no interaction with the X2 appears possible.

I am treating my trusty old X2 as dead as a doornail and buying a Moto X4 (I love the Moto X series), unless someone can suggest a fix to try.

Any ideas? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Other than holding the power button for over 2 minutes [ hard boot ] I can not think of another option :frowning:

And try that with a different charger & cord if possible

Thank you drm186 and jben,

I tried both of your suggestions with no luck.

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