Moto X3 battery drains rapidly


My Moto X is 3 years old. The battery drains rapidly. It takes 45 minutes to optimize the 84 apps… can I replace the battery in the Moto X and how? What phone is compatible with a 2010 Lexus RX 350. How do I determine why my battery is draining fast?

  1. Make sure you are unplugging the phone from the charger before you turn it on after it’s been turning off.

  2. The battery is difficult to replace without breaking the phone back and damaging the NFC chip that is bonded to the battery. The battery was never meant to be user replaceable, but folks have done it.

Understand, the phone is 3 years old and probably needs a new battery to kept it going. My Moto X1 needs a new battery too.

You may want to get a new phone as the Moto X1 operating system is out-dated and probably won’t get the security update for the Bluetooth vulnerability issue.

Understand a new phone means a move to the new plan with a new cost. If you use a lot of cellular data, then you may want to see what the other cell providers are offering.

  1. Go into the phone settings menu and under battery you can see what is using the battery.

  2. Go to a Lexus forum and ask which phones are working with your car. You should get a better response from folks who own the same vehicle as you.


Thanks Marshall. Also, I’d like to know how to delete apps on my Moto X.
I slide them to “remove” but they do not leave! thanks​

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Some apps are not removable, but can be disabled under “apps” in the phone menu and then scrolling over to the “disabled” list at the top of the screen.

Other apps are removed my going to Google Play store and removing them by selecting the menu bar at the top of the phone screen under “My apps and games.”


Thank you very much for your help