Moto X4 32gb SD storage Fire Staff for pick


You can not use the SD card as internal storage. Takes up 14 GB of 32gb internal preloaded/ Useless to have 2TB of SD storage if you can’t load your apps or games. No can’t play my apps from the cloud.
.worst staff pick ever/ wanted to buy it to upgrade from a Moto G4plus 64gb/ I am buying the Moto G5 plus instead. Do yo u scrub the reviews or what???


Hi @brucee.h9po64,

I’ve moved your post from #reviews to #discussions because our reviews need to have a little more detail and explanation in order to help people make sound buying decisions.

Once you get the Moto G5 Plus, if you’d like to write out some details about what it can do that the X4 could not do, that would make a great review.

We do not remove reviews based on negativity, but we do move them out of the #reviews category if they don’t fit the category description:

Write a thoughtful review of an app, an accessory, a phone, or Republic’s service, to help others make informed buying decisions.