Moto X4 8.1 Update broke things. Android Auto and USB

Just an FYI…

Seems the Moto X4 has/is having a ton of issues.
I find several articles of past updates causing wifi and signal issues.

Recently, the last update broke Android Auto and USB data transfer it seems.
Seen a few others report audio issues as well.
Moto seems to have gone down hill lately.
Poor quality control.

Oreo 8.1 is a train wreck on Moto x4: DO NOT UPDATE!!!

Flashlight chop-chop gesture broken.
Phone app crashes immediately. (THE PHONE APP, THE ONE THING THAT SHOULD WORK ON A PHONE!!)
Contacts app crashes immediately.
Notification text is microscopic (<1/32" tall letters).

And so far no help from support…

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Agreed that quality control could be better. I’m seeing this issue on more than Motorola/Lenovo for 8,1, however. Here’s a workaround I found: How to Fix Connectivity Issues With Android Auto

Moto X4 current OS is Android 9. Updating will most likely resolve those issues. And Android Auto works flawlessly with Pie, at least in my experience it does. YMMV.

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