Moto X4 and HD Voice

HD calling on my Acsend 5W was brilliant when WiFi calling worked (which was rare). Even though I have Enhanced 4G LTE mode enabled on my X4, I do not think HD Voice is working because the call quality, while decent enough, is not as good as my Ascend 5W when WiFi calling actually worked even though the speaker is clearly better. Dose HD Voice actually work on the X4? Is there a notification when it is active (like there was on my Ascend 5W)?

HD Voice is not in use when on Republic wifi calling. HD Voice is another name for VoLTE calling when on cellular.


That may be the issue. I may have been using HD Voice on my Ascend 5W when I thought I was using WiFi since that phone had all kinds of issues with WiFi calling. Still, the Ascend 5W sounded amazing when HD Calling was enabled, better even than straight VOIP.

Agreed, Republic does not use the wideband G.722 audio codec typically associated with HD Voice. Opus, which I believe Republic does use is a very capable codec in its own right.

HD Voice has a variety of meanings but is considered VoIP and is not limited to cellular generally. The biggest impediment to meaningful implementation is interoperability. HD Voice on any platform does me no good if the far end isn’t using it (and generally the same codec). It’s quite correct cellular carriers typically limit HD Voice to VoLTE (VoIP over LTE), however, pure VoIP carriers can support HD Voice as well.

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As someone who like to tinker, I wish we were given the choice of what codec to use.

There are times I share the desire, however, I also understand Republic has business priorities. There are arguments against it.

Anyway, you may (or may not) be interested in these resources: and

The biggest impediment remains the PSTN itself, which is also true for end to end encryption of telecommunications.


Those articles are interesting but the fact still remains that my Ascend 5W was in a different league for call quality when HD Voice was working (which was, unfortunately, rare). This tells me the technology is available today to significantly increase the audio quality of our calls.

Yes technology is changing faster and faster every day. The only way it will work to everyone’s advantage is when price & technology meet with manufacturer price point to be profitable. Otherwise sub par but working parts will be the norm.
If you are GM and you can leave off 5 bolts & nuts off a certain amount of vehicles they save a lot of cash.
5 of each at say $6.00 x 120,000 cars = $720,000 dollars per car line… Now with cars being on the same platform & say 3 cars are very similar, which isn’t uncommon in business, the math can be tripled… So 360,000 cars x $6.00 = $2,160,000 dollars… That’s not chump change- 1 car/phone is $6.00 but 360,000 cars/phones is big business. They are just cutting costs.
I can’t possibly know the business profitability % percentages on Ascend 5W vs MotoLenovorola but Ascend may have a cheaper phone to where they can splurge on the speakers & probably mics too…

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