Moto x4 Android One deal

The Moto X4 Android One offer takes me to Google to sign up for Project Fi. The Google help folks don’t know anything about RW. What am I getting with this offer.

The Android One version of the Moto X4 is sold exclusively through Project Fi. You can use it with Republic Wireless if you wish. You should read and understand the purchase terms if you go in this direction. I believe you’ll need to activate the phone on Project Fi to receive the discounted price:

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Higher prices for plans and the X4 one don’t have the usual things that the normal X4 comes with. There are some small, Motorola-specific features that are genuinely useful, namely Moto Actions and Moto Display. Moto Actions offers up gestures you can make to trigger certain actions, such as a chop gesture twice to turn on the flashlight; or twisting the phone back and forth twice to launch the camera. Moto Display adds a blue-light filter at night so you get a better night’s rest and notifications will fade on and off the screen in standby mode.
Here is a full article comparing the 2 phones apples to apples.

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Thank you.

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while one does have to activate on Google Fi one does not have to stay on Google Fi (from the terms you posted)

There is no minimum activation time needed to be eligible for the discount

so one can activate to confirm the discount then cancel and only be out a $1 or so (as though one would have to pay the full $20 upfront for a month of Fi Google will refund )

there where many reports of this working this way with the Nexus discounts they gave


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