Moto x4 answers calls in speaker mode


Moto x4, basic cell, data, wifi plan

Issue Description

When I answer a call the phone goes into speaker mode, although the speaker is not indicated. To turn it off, I have to activate and then de-activate speakerphone mode.

Utterly dissatisfied with Republic, Moto Phones, and tech support solutions

Hi @davidr.ctpon9,

Is this something that began recently, after an update or new app was installed, or is this how the phone has functioned since you first activated it?

Does this happen on both Wi-Fi and cell?


This started a few weeks ago. I have not made any changes to the phone in that time.


This happens mostly on WiFi, but I am usually on WiFi.


I am having the same problem.

Also, people can hear me on speaker mode, but when I use the phone in handheld mode, people always say the sound cuts in/out and that I sound “far away”.

I’m hoping these problems are connected and the solution will solve both problems for me.


Hi @gnarlyg and @davidr.ctpon9,

If you try the phone in safe mode do you still experience these volume quirks? If so, I think you might want to contact Motorola Support.


Well a reboot and a new phone solved the problem…for two weeks. Now it has returned along with audio dropouts.

Seriously? Does anyone have a fix for these problems that lasts more than 30 days?


Hi @davidr.ctpon9,

Did you ever test in safe mode? If the same thing happens on a new phone, it would suggest the problem is being caused by an app in use on both phones.


I have the same problem with my moto x4. It’s a serious problem as it blew my ear out. This happened 12 hours ago and my ears are still ringing.


Hi @johnh.boits2,

We never heard back from @davidr.ctpon9 on this matter. Has this always been this way on your X4, or did it just start suddenly? Could you test (carefully) in Safe Mode to see if the call still automatically answers in speaker mode?


it doesn’t always answer in speaker mode normally, but it seems to show the same behavior in safe mode. Sorry for not getting back to you. I have a limited amount of time to devote to troubleshooting this phone and the the system and more important problems have come up.


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