Moto X4 battery?


Question for Moto X4 users…

My wife and I just received and activated our new X4 64gb phones which we purchased from Republic a few days after the price drop. These are definitely significant upgrades from our old G4+s. But it seems to me that the battery, despite what is claimed in many of the professional reviews, drains really fast with little usage.

For example, this morning it drained about 10% in less than an hour with minimal use. FYI, I checked email, FB, and read three news stories on Drudge. Had I been watching Netflix or Amazon Prime, I could understand. But, this limited activity doesn’t seem proportional to the drainage.

Admittedly, I have only made one power-saving tweak - I turned off the adaptive brightness and reduced the level below 50%.

Is there anything else I should before considering this phone to be defective and requested an exchange?



The phone is fine let the phone do a few charge cycles to get used to usage.



Hi @jessel.0xojhk,

Did the battery life stabilize, or do you still consider it to be an issue?


Yes. Just as bocephous stated, it just took a few cycles to work smoothly. I’m not sure why or how, but I’m loving the results!


I like my Moto X4 phone very much. My battery was a bit wonky at first then after a few days was just fine. I hope you have updated to Android 8.1.0 smoothly. Mine did and all safety updates are working as should.


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