Moto X4 camera blurry

I have a Moto X4 camera. The lens cover cracked so I replaced it about 3 months ago. The camera how ever seems like it is not working properly and is not focused.

So today I was going to replace the lens cover again. Before putting on the new lens cover I checked and the camera is still blurry.

Is there setting I can check or an update?

I thought prior too me replacing the lens cover the first time it was clear but just had a haze in it due to the crack but perhaps I did damage the camera on a “drop”. How can I find out if it is camera issue or a software issues… if that is even a thing

Hi @jeanm.k46k1e

Try going to your Moto Device help app.
There, you can run a diagnostic of the front and rear cameras.
Moto’s help page has the following suggestions:

If Photo looks blurry:
Wipe the lens clean with a soft, dry cloth and retake the photo.

If new photos still look blurry:

  • Increase resolution (photo size) in the Camera app. A smaller photo size results in lower image quality.
  • Avoid zooming when taking a photo. Pixelation always occurs when you zoom a digital photo. If you use zoom during the shot itself, pixelation will be more evident.
  • If you’re indoors and taking a panoramic photo, switch to regular mode. Panorama works best for outdoor shots; the algorithm that stitches the images together isn’t optimized for indoor, up-close shots.

I’m pretty sure the lens cover isn’t just a lens cover, but actually part of the lens system. So, without the proper one with the proper focus point to it, the camera will never be able to properly focus (including the situation of not having it there at all).

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