Moto x4 can’t text or use data when not on wifi

What phone do you have? moto x4

What plan are you on? talk data text 1gig

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all

Issue Description

I have tried to text and go to news sites without wifi and I have limited access. When I an with someone on Verizon they can do everything and I can’t. This has been happening for about six months. It worked well before that. When I turn wifi off the LTE strength shows all black with an x in it. When I go to the republic coverage map and put my zip code in it shows all green strong signal but I still can’t text or surf without wifi. May have to go to Verizon.

Take a look at this solution previously provided by @louisdi

I just went outside and rebooted it. That seems to have fixed it. I have done that before and nothing happened. This time I turned wifi off and was able to text and got to news site. Bow I am inside and the strength bar shows good with that x in it again. Also beside the strength bar there is an H. I never saw that before. Can I do that reset also or will that screw things up? BTW I have 94% of my data left so I don’t know what the x means.
Edit. Still not fixed.

I would suggest that you do all 4 steps that @louisdi provided, he is both an Ambassador and a Republic Wireless Expert (and deals with a lot more of these issues than I do)

Hi @poorman148,

Would you mind contacting our coverage team and ask them if you might see an improvement in your coverage if they replaced your SIM card? I think you may be seeing a coverage issue that they’ll be able to solve.

Please use this article as your guide:

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