Moto x4 can't hear text alerts/notifications?


I have the moto x4. I can hear the phone ringing but no sound alerts me to texts.
Which sound is for text messages:
Whichever it is, I will need to download the same kind of ring I have for my phone, so I can hear it.
THank you
Also, is there a way to move the search box back to the top of the screen or do I need a new launcher for that?
(The last update made my phone much harder to use. Is there a way to go back to the old version, without compromising security. Or is this a launcher thing. Which launcher looks most like the old version? I need to be able to scroll to different screens. I have one screen full of apps for work, I swipe the screen and I go to a screen full of fun apps, then I swipe again to go to fishing apps. I would like to get that back and to get the search box back up on top, where I am used to it)



Hi @live.carcass

To change the sounds for your incoming text messages you need to go into the texting app you are using and go to its settings. There you will see options to change the sounds for your texts coming in.

Yes! A launcher will allow you to move the search box and tweak many other things. If you don’t have a launcher, Nova (one I use) will for sure allow you to move or get rid of it. As for moving back to an older version of the OS I’m afraid the short answer is you can’t. But your idea of the launcher is a great one! :slightly_smiling_face:
Nova Launcher



Fantastic. I already fixed my Text notifications. THanks to you.

Can I get the Nova launcher that is free to try it. Is it the fully functional lancher with ads, until I pay, then the ads go away

THanks again



Hi @live.carcass
You’re so welcome!

Yes! That’s what I did and ended up buying the app.
Keep in mind not only can you move your search bar and a lot more setting tweaks, but you can SAVE the way you have your apps saved on your phone. For example your page of fishing apps (and other pages and folders and widgets) can be restored to the way you had it if things get messed up or you have to do a Factory Reset.

There are many other launchers and others are welcome to add their fave, but I’m familiar with the Nova app.

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We also have the Moto X4 and one of things we have noticed with ours is that the sounds overall through the phone seem to be lower in volume than our previous phones (Moto X Pure). We have all of the sounds turned up as loud as we can but still have difficulty hearing notifications. I have even noticed this when playing music through my car using bluetooth. I have to have my car audio volume up more than I used to with my previous phone. I have looked to see if this phone has a volume limiter but so far have not found anything like that. Would be interested in knowing if others seem to have this problem. I am posting this here, as the topic is what drew me to it.


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