Moto X4 Coming Soon to Republic Wireless!



Yes, it will be.


Adding to @royrose’s comments on the X4 improvements:

  1. The second camera on the X4 isn’t just for effects, but a wide angle lens that captures more. It’s interesting to see how much more is captured in certain situations with the wide angle lens. Some reviews have pictures up already.
  2. It has bluetooth capability to broadcast audio to 4 different devices at once. Will also be on bluetooth v5 when the Oreo update comes out.
  3. It has NFC capability for things like Android Pay, while the G series does not.

I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t have a 64GB storage / 4GB ram option or come with that as standard. Watch it show up in 4 months as the X4+.

I’m stuck between the X4 or the Pixel 2 or possibly Z2 Play. Not sure if the X4 to pixel 2 $300 premium [Republic’s X4 pricing vs Googles Pixel pricing] is worth it. My current moto X2 is definitely showing its age.


I’m stuck between the X4 or the Pixel 2 or possibly Z2 Play. Not sure if the X4 to pixel 2 $300 premium [Republic’s X4 pricing vs Googles Pixel pricing] is worth it. My current moto X2 is definitely showing its age.

@timothyi.o3z1ki, I just replaced my MX2 with the Google PIxel 2 (not the XL). Although quite early since I just activated it 2 days ago, I’m quite pleased with my decision so far and I’m pretty sure I’lll be keeping the GP2. This phone rocks!

I purchased my MX2 just about 3 years ago so seeing that I’m not one to upgrade to a new phone every year, I used that as justification to pay the higher price for the GP2, a true flagship phone, rather than the MX4 which is a good mid-tier phone. To me, I think the $300 premium will be well worth it.


I haven’t had any shutter lag on my G5S+ when taking normal photos. The only time the camera takes time to take photos is the depth enabled ones low light.


Good to know. My wife may consider the G5S+ when her Moto X dies. I have the G5+.

I’ll edit my previous post.


Pixels are overpriced, and non-AO X4’s are discounted for a very regrettable reason. Our AO-X4s on Fi absolutely rock! Never expected to get 2-2.5 days of battery life (i.e. we’ve never been screen-happy phone users), but man is it an awesome improvement over even the best days on our RW2 X1s. The FI coverage in our rural neck of the woods is awesome, and the free Wi-Fi Assist VPN is a real plus given the recent Wi-Fi bugaboos.

The X4 cameras are definitely an upgrade in most settings, despite the similarities in the rear camera resolution with the X1s – though they obviously aren’t as great as the >$400 options.

I’m simply tickled that Nougat+ makes up for the fewer Moto Assist features, and that AO eliminates the Amazon spyware. And the clean build is way better for my programming plans.

I don’t notice any difference in screen visibility despite that it has LCD rather than OLED. But then again we don’t spend large amounts of time outdoors either, where it would probably matter more.

Hope you all can work out offering the AO-X4s (and cell-network-blending and data-refunds) soon!


While not sold by Republic, they can be used as a BYOP device.


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Any new info on Moto E4 getting approved for CDMA coverage soon?

What is the RW anticipated release date for MX4??



Result from adding a pre-order to cart at Moto site:

Availability: In stock. Estimated Delivery: 11/08/17.

RW release date should be between now and then.


Hi @brianc.impkf7,

We are targeting tomorrow (10/26) to make the Moto X4 available in our online store.


Ditto on everything that you said. –Except that I won’t be setting up my Pixel 2 for another week.

I was waiting for the X4, though I was concerned with their choice of going with an IPS rather than AMOLED screen. But I think I’ll be very happy with the Pixel 2.


The Bluetooth 5.0 multi-speaker output sounds interesting. This is being debuted on the X4 but will likely be available on other phones in the future.

There are a couple of other things the X4 has, though they likely won’t be of interest to all users.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR + BLE with Tempow support for simultaneous playback (in sync) on up to 4 Bluetooth devices & volume control for those devices built into the phone’s Settings menu
  • Moto Actions – Moto Display is my favorite of these, though I’m wondering if the X4 will have the ability to turn on do not disturb by simply placing the phone face down, like the Moto Z Play does
  • NFC - I’ve never used it for financial transactions but it was very handy to move data over from my Moto X2 to Z Play

Seems like there were a few more but these are all I remember


I thought the IPS choice was kind of odd as well as I thought Moto Display was designed to be used with AMOLED screens since it wouldn’t have to light the whole screen like on IPS LCD. I did play with a MX4 a little today at Best Buy and it’s got a nice build. The back looks like a fingerprint magnet though while the back of the Pixel 2 isn’t.


IPS was also used in the MXP.


I’m aware of that and lots of reviewers thought it was an odd choice when that phone was released as well for the same reason. Maybe IPS vs. AMOLED doesn’t really make as much difference on battery drain with these always on displays?


Is the X4 available for purchase?.. Just went through the whole process…but “Process My Order” button
is grayed out.

ETA: Was a firewall issue…worked just fine when I tried it again from home!


I really didn’t see any difference. I guess theoretically it would drain more with the IPS panel, but I didn’t see a difference with my Moto X Pure.


The X4 is available and the Process My Order button is active when I go through the cart. Are you certain everything in steps 1-7 was complete when you tried?


I’m perfectly happy with my X Pure IPS screen. Plus I’ve read some reports of some burn-in problems with AMOLED screens.