Moto X4 Coming Soon to Republic Wireless!



Today, we’re excited to announce that the new Moto X4 will be available soon via our online store for $349.

Key Features

  • 5.2" FHD Display
  • 3000 mAh battery and rapid charging
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Super Black or Sterling Blue
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • 12 MP dual auto-focus camera + 16 MP front camera
  • SIM card included

See our full tech specs for more info about its available features.

Note: Once released the Moto X4 will be compatible with our GSM network. It will not be compatible on our CDMA network until later this year.

Moto X4 service area
Will the Republic Wireless host the Moto X4?
Notable Newbies: Welcome!

Hmmm… I was hoping it would get a larger screen. But, I think this will be a very popular phone. The X series has always engineered with a lot of good qualities/features into a tidy package.


Awesome! My MXP has been driving me nuts the last couple months. Will I just need to swap the SIM out from my current RW MXP when I order?


Maybe. Take a look at the SIM, if the “public” part of Republic is in green, you can move the SIM. If the “public” is in gray, you’re not going to be able to move it and in addition, moving to the new phone will move you to the GSM carrier.


Hi @jonathanm.j7a2kv,

Would you like to describe some of what is driving you nuts in a new thread? Perhaps we can solve some issues and you won’t have to replace the phone.


Will you be able to support the Android One version of this phone that Google sells or are we stuck with this version?


The X4 is rather like a smaller MXP. The cameras are different, among other things. Like the MXP, the X4 has an IPS LCD touchscreen rather than AMOLED. I consider that a plus.

Got a heads up on the X4 from Amazon this morning. They are pre-selling it for $329.99. X4 release will be October 26.


When I go to Amazon’s web site, the $329.99 price appears to be for the phone with the locked screen ads. Plus, you have to sign up for Amazon Prime.


It does appear that the price is for the Amazon Exclusive version with Amazon Ads. That version will work with Republic, but having tried an Amazon version to play with the Alactel A30, I wouldn’t do it again.


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I doubt we get the Android One edition, but am excited that this phone is going to be supported!! With right at a month to wait, I think I’ll hold off until Black Friday sales are announced to see if I can; 1. get this phone cheaper somewhere else, 2. find a good deal on a better phone that draws me in. YEY!! Thanks RW!


At the present time all new phones are GSM only while Republic works with their CDMA partner on a technology issue. The originally stated goal for resolution of this issue was the end of 2017. I haven’t seen any new information on that lately. This is the same reason that the E4, E4+, G5s+, Galaxy S8/S8+ and Pixel 2s are currently GSM only with Republic.


Information current(?) and included above in OP of this announcement.

Maybe they are still working on the BYOP CDMA and will introduce at the same time as cure for the technology issue with all these newer phones?


They may be, but the two issues are unrelated.


Moto X4 is $399 at Best Buy. However, they are giving out a $50 Best Buy gift card with purchase.


Too bad for Moto you didn’t announce this sooner as I really needed to replace my dying MX2. Went with Pixel 2 instead, set it up yesterday and loving it so far! Nice that RW has such a wide selection of great phones now!


I think you’ll like the Pixel2 better. Reviews on the X4 are mixed at best, so far.


In my frugality, I wouldn’t pay $130.00 more for the X4 (60%) over the 32GB G5+ when the basic specs are so similar:

Display 5.2 FHD (1080x1920) Gorilla Glass
Internal storage 32GB + Micro SD support
Battery 3000mAh with turbo charging
Fingerprint reader

X4 very slightly smaller and lighter
Processor: Qualcom 630 vs 625 (both octo core 650 MHz: X4 at 2.2 GHz, G5+ at 2.0 GHz)
GPU Adrino 508 vs 506
Active memory (RAM) 3GB Vs 2 GB (64GB version of G5+ has 4 GB, also G5s+ has 3GB)
Both water resistent but X4 apparantly more so

X4 improvements:
Glass/Metal case vs plastic
better display technology?
Dual camera for more effects (G5S+ has dual camera but reported to have significant shutter lag under some conditions)
Alexa integration

Did I miss anything?

I doubt if the Processor/GPU differences are noticeable to most users.

So, is it worth paying that much more?


Sexier, but not necessarily better as plastic phones often have better reception.


Reviews indicate that the single camera on the G5+ takes better pictures. Not surprising, it is the excellent hardware from the S7.

Not on the AndroidOne version, but yes, that’s not on the G5+. But loading the Alexa app should essentially get the same thing.

I’m with you, I don’t get this phone, the G5+ seems like a much better deal.


Also wondering if the Android One version that can be bought through Fi will support Republic BYOD?