Moto X4 Compatible

unable to read the match the appropriate firmware. Some key information cannot be be read from the device.

So it sounds like I need a new phone. Would you agree?

I’m not giving in just yet.

Let me see if I understand where you are in the process…

  • You have the tool installed and the phone hooked up to the PC
  • You clicked on the “Rescue” tab in the tool.
  • You select the “Fastboot Mode” tab.
  • While connected to the PC with the tool running you get the phone back to the first “dead Android” screen.
  • Then in the box that wants your model, you select moto x (4th gen) (like it shows in my screen shot above)

So far so good?

I did notice there is a message saying no device registered, do you think that could be the problem? I think I need to start over, but yes I think I did that, though I can’t find the Fastboot Mode at the moment.

This is the fastboot tab:

Note where it says moto x (4th Gen)

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Yes I did that first and then it asked for my model # and that’s when I got that information. Now I don’t get that screen. It keeps going to the Select A Device Screen (where I enter the product and model #.

Are you sure the cable is a data cable and not just a charging one?
Does the tool see the phone?

When I hook up a moto phone (I have different model tho) and go to the rescue tab… then get the phone to the dead android, the tool finds the file to download (without me telling it what model it is)
Looks like this:

You might try another cable.
I’ll have admit defeat if that also fails :frowning_face:

Oh, no I’m using my charging cord.

is it the cord that came with the phone? (that should work)

No, I had to get another one as that one cracked. But it has the USB on one end and then the plug that fits the phone on the other.

Ah, that could be the issue. It could be for charging only and not able to handle data transfers. :thinking:

What mode should I be on with the Android? I think I’ve been on START mode. I can’t get to COMMAND.

That’s where you need to be. (whlile using the tool)

Do you think it’s my cable? I’m going to call it a night and try again tomorrow.

That would be my (last) guess. Yes.
The tool should offer you a file to download but I don’t think it sees your phone.

Sounds good. Have a good night. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

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One more thing…can you please tell me what type of cable. If your charging cable works, I would think mine should?

Something like this from Best Buy would work.

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I went to Best Buy and bought an Insignia cable, they didn’t have that exact 3’ one and said the one I got was compatible. So I went home and started the process and at least I got the message that it was trying to read data from the device and not to unplug. It took a really long time and I’ve been having Internet problems, intermittent so I thought perhaps that was the issue. Then when I wasn’t looking it skipped to the screen I was getting last night where I had to enter the device type and model #. So I came to my office thinking let me try it here since the Internet is faster here and now I don’t even get that first screen you showed me, it skips right to the screen where I have to enter the device type and then I get the message that I got previously. This: unable to read the match the appropriate firmware. Some key information cannot be be read from the device.

I wish it would start from the beginning though and at east try to read the device like it did at home. Now it doesn’t even try and it goes straight to the other screen. Do you think I need to uninstall the program and reinstall so it doesn’t have the memory and see what happens.?

After sending that reply I decided to uninstall and reinstall the program. It seems like it has a memory. Skipped to the page to enter device info. So I think I have tried everything and now need to get a new phone. I was going to buy the same, but they are so expensive online for a new one (I don’t want used). So I will go with a new Motorola something or other. Do you know if the cords for charging the MotoX4 will work on the new phones? Are they Universal? If so I’ll keep this cable and if not return it. Thanks for your help.

The file to restore would be large and take time to download.

Ok, I can respect when enough is enough :slight_smile:

If the new phone has a USB C type port, yes.
(And most new phone do.)

You’re welcome @sharig