Moto X4 Contacts - imported from old phone to new but shouldn't be there


I just activated a Moto X4 for my daughter. Somehow, maybe because they are all under one account, all of MY contacts are now in her phone. Why is that and how do I get rid of them without deleting one by one? I don’t want her accidentally calling or texting these people!


Hi @ldstevens,

Contacts are not linked to our Republic accounts.

Generally, this is the result of using the same Google account on your daughter’s phone that is on yours. Your daughter needs her own Google (Gmail) account added to her phone, then you should remove yours.

More on adding and removing a Google account to one’s phone from Republic here: Email – Republic Help. Feel free to ignore the header referencing certain Republic phones. The guidance applies to an X4 as well.


Oh ok. If I delete my account will all her contacts go away? I went through and deleted all the non family ones so what is there now is ok for her. If I delete MY gmail account will her contacts now be deleted?


Also will the contacts be deleted from my phone if I delete from hers??
Thanks for your help!


lets see
1st create a gmail account for her.
2nd add that gmail account to the phone
3rd delete your gmail account on the phone and only the phone
you will more than likely need to add contacts…etc back into the phone after you delete your gmail account from her phone…


Ok will do, thanks!


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