Moto X4 control rings for suspected spam, unknown caller, and Contacts

Is there a way to get my Moto X4 to not ring at all for “suspected spam” calls, maybe ring only 2x for unknown callers, and ring 4 times for people in my “contacts”.

Using my phone for Two-Step Authentication has resulted in a lot of weird phone calls. Or maybe someone else sold my phone number but I get bothered by weird calls that never happened until just recently.

(I don’t care if it is 2 rings or 4 rings or whatever, I just want to control people interrupting me)

For 2FA, don’t use SMS option, that is where the service send a text message to your phone, it is very insecure.

Instead, use the option for OTP app. One Time Passcode.
Authy or Google Authenticator are good apps for this.
You just scan a QR code or enter in a Secret code into the app, given to you by the services setups page for the feature, then u just load up the app and it displays the login code for you.

I use this for all my sites and services, Google, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon, Discord, Microsoft…

good advice. Any idea how to get rid of the ringing for unwanted callers?

Don’t give out your phone number to anyone other than trusted contacts that you wish to actually call you. That has always worked for me, I get very little unwanted or spam calls, most of the time. However, I understand this is often not a viable option for most folks.

The built in Spam call blocker by Google on my Pixel phone, along with Republics blocker, seem to work well for me, though I have no way to actually see what it has blocked. If call comes in that i don’t recognize, i ignore it…I don’t care if they leave a Voicemail, and they very very rarely do. (Unless its State Farm Insurance…that company has been calling me and sending me insurance advert letters non stop for 20 yrs! despite my multiple attempts by phone, mail, and in person to have the stop)

A trick my boss informed me of that has helped him, for known spam calls, answer the call, but say nothing, or better yet, immediately mute your microphone, and leave the line open for at least 15 sec or until it auto hangs up. It will cause dead air and the roto dialer or spam caller will most likely think it is a bad or invalid number and move on. Several folks I have suggested this to, and who have taken the time to do so, have reported success in reducing the amount of spam calls. It take time, a month or 2 at least.

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Hi @live.carcass,

Have you enabled Republic Wireless spam blocking on the phone?

Some people set the “Do Not Disturb” option to “allow starred contacts” and star all the contacts that are worthy of their time.

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Great advice everyone. (I did not even know RW had a spam blocker)

I am a simple user. Basically I use the phone, texting, a GPS App, and read books.

I don’t do any of the Ninja stuff many of you folks do.

I only complain or look into a feature when something goes wrong. Anyway, I tried looking for a manual for Android so I can see what the settings are but could not locate one online.

Do they no longer create online manuals because of the constantly changing software?
It looks like I do have calls and voicemail blocked already.

So I will try the Do Not Disturb thing too.

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