Moto X4 doesn't reconnect to cell data

I’m a long time happy Republic member. I recently replaced my moto X pure with a moto x4. My problem is this: When driving sometimes my cell data connection is lost in a dead area, but then when back in a good area the connection is not automatically re-connected. I’ve found that turning Airplane mode on then off will make a re-connection. This is particularly troublesome when using google maps, it just stops giving directions. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this problem? Thanks…

Hi @michael_w,

What you’re describing has been mentioned by another member, here: If you have a GSM SIM and no service or emergency service only, this tip might be helpful

If you want to be able to continue using Google Maps even when driving through areas of no coverage, you’ll want to look into downloading the maps for offline use before your trips.

We also might be able to improve things for you by changing your SIM card. If you’d like to have our Help team look into that possibility, please see:

Because you have a Moto X4, please also see:

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