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When I received my x4 it had a micro SD card already. I want to up it to 64 gb… Do I just buy another 32gb or do I have to fully replace it with a 64 gb card?

Also, what happens if I buy a card that gets me above 64gb when Republic says phone’s up to 64gb. Will it not work?


The moto x4 allows you to expand your memory by using a micro SD card. (up to 2 TB)

you can only use 1 sd card so you will need to get a bigger sd card, 64gb or more
according to the above moto help file you can go to 2 TB

as a side note: you are taking about sd card and not memory in the phone?

btw: largest sd card at this time


Keep in mind that there the internal storage (32 GB) and external
(Portable) Storage (Micro SD)
The Moto X4 does not support adaptive storage when an SD can be used as an extension of the internal, Most apps will not transfer to an external (portable)


Thank you drm. I had gotten it confused with the SIM card


Thank you Doctor. Very helpful. I just came from 8gb phone… Can’t even imagine 1T!


Lol @sallyp.3g8mum, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that would be like having ~125 8GB phones. Do understand though that the external memory is really suited for media files (pictures, video, music) since it cannot be used as adoptable storage on the X4.

Also (just to clarify for others that may read this thread), the SIM card is a different animal altogether. The SIM card is used to identify the phone on cellular networks.

edit:To recap…
Intermal Storage The amount of built-in storage on the device.
Extermal Storage Removable storage of varying capacity.
SIM A removable card that is used to identify the device on the carrier/network.

Hope this helps.


Well, can you imagine those of us that have been around long enough to say … the 1st PC hard drive I had was 10Meg (and it cost me ~$1200 internal price frome my employer IBM)


C1tobar, yes, I realize it’s for media and I need it between a zillion pics, music, audiobooks and e-books. Thanks for your input


Jben, I’m old enough to remember floppy disks and TRS-80s from radio shack too.


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