Moto X4 features



Will the Moto X4 be the bare bones version, or will it be a special variation for RW? My main question being the feature I want the most. Will this have Alexa built in if I buy it from RW?


the version Republic will sells with be the unmodified North American version (the one with Alexa)
Republic will support the Android One Version as a BYOD (this version will not have Alexa)


Amazon will sell Prime exclusive X4 with ads & you could probably get a BYOD
North American version there too.

Note for the BYOD people :
Supported BYOP Models

Model number: XT1900-1
Build numbers: NPW26.2 and NPW26.4


Indeed the information supplied by you and @drm186 is both accurate and documented here: Moto X4 Now Available at Republic Wireless!.


It says the unlocked version, so I was pretty sure it was the Alexa version, I just wanted to make sure, but I guess I didn’t need my own thread for that.


Hi @russellb.udlu9a,

Conversations are what the Community is all about. No issue with starting a separate thread. I simply pointed to documentation, so you’d know the information being supplied was accurate and credible. Of course, information supplied by my friends @bocephous and @drm186 is generally both. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since this is titled x4 features…

Usb-c port, finally found out it is only usb 2.0 :frowning_face:

Micro usb storage can not be used as adoptable storage

Even with these issues, I love the phone.


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